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GOR News: Attn Women's PRO racers
National Motocross

Attn Women's PRO racers
Category: National Motocross
Dear Women’s pro racers, My name is Stefy Bau, former 2 time women’s WMA pro champion. As most of you know little more than one year ago I had a terrible riding accident that ended my racing career. I’m still recovering with the goal of walking again soon. During my recovery time in the last few months I started to put together an idea to be able to help the women riders. Motocross racing has been my life since I was 4 years old. I was lucky enough to reach the top of the World in the sport and I think now is time to give back and help the sport to grow even more. Recently I’ve been talking with world class professional women athletes and I’ve been picking their brains to see how we can come up with a plan to increase salary and respect for the women pro motocross racers. It has happened in other sports in the past and with the ever-growing interest in extreme sports we are just a step away to finally making motocross a real source of income for professional women racers. The main point is to stick together. As simple as it sounds, if we fight for the same goal all together we will get results. We need to make a riders union/club. Recently the Women’s Sport Foundation expressed an interested in helping me to put this project together. Billie Jean King, the Founder of the Women’s Sport Foundation, unionized women’s tennis, which is currently one of the highest paid women’s sports in the world. I’m willing to spend my time and experience on this project, for you. So please think about this and if you are on board please contact me at It’s your future! Together we can be stronger! I’m looking forward to hearing from you. For more information on the women sports foundation check out

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