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GOR News: TRAIL 8 - Now Open at Highland Park!
Places to Ride

TRAIL 8 - Now Open at Highland Park!
Category: Places to Ride
Facility: : Highland Park
Before we opened HPR, I had the beginnings of Trail 8 started, but then later I merged Trail 6 into it and just made Trail 6 longer. So we never did have a Trail 8. Some of you may have wondered about that - we skipped from Trail 7 to Trail 9. We have a lot to do out here, but we have been out at dawn for a while now, working a few hours each morning on just trail cutting, and the NEW Trail 8 is finished! 3 diamond rating, singletrack, very interesting, very fun. It wanders through open hardwood forest, follows a creek for a while, so it's not too tight, but it's far from being a freeway. There is the obligatory off-camber section. We have to have that here. Plenty more challenges, nice scenery, big trees, you will like it. See this thread ( ) for discussion.
Paul Wright

Joined: 06/27/2005
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