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GOR News: BLM to restrict/close OHV use in western Colorado desert
Federal & State ORV

BLM to restrict/close OHV use in western Colorado desert
Category: Federal & State ORV

People, in the never ending quest to take all the open land back our wise and wonderful government is proposing to close yet another awesome riding area. I know many of you have been here and many more have heard of it. You can ride all day and never cross tracks here.
I saw this on FB here is the link:!/BookcliffRattlersMC

Link to BRMC page:

There is a comments link at the bottom of this page: ... elusive-in

Here is a copy of the text:
The map of the proposed trails in the North Grand Junction desert was seen by many in attendance tonight at the BLM open house. The news is not good if this goes through.

Attached you will find a PDF map of the North Grand Junction Deserts. Alternative A is the current trail system listed in black with no current closed areas and open riding everywhere.

Alternative B (Which the BLM supports and wants as their supported alternative) shows everything in Pink or Red as their purposed trails to be closed. Take a good look at Alternative B. Zoom in with your PDF software. Notice something?

Anything North of 27 1/4 parking lot at the end of the airports fence area parking lot will be closed going off-road East or West. No riding, no shooting, no racing at the 27 1/4 track, no going West or East from the 27 1/4 race track. Now move a little east... lots of red, closed, closed, closed, closed. Skinny ridge? CLOSED!! Turtle Bowl? CLOSED!! Your favorite loop headed West? CLOSED!! Future desert races? A thing of the past.

Folks this is serious. We are facing a drastic shut down of OUR PUBLIC lands. We all choose to live in Grand Junction because of the abundance of recreation opportunities and decent weather, now we are facing over a 60% closure of what we enjoy every weekend spring through fall, our riding areas being taken away.

If this map doesn't show you the urgency to help, I don't know what will other then just turning a cold shoulder and letting the land we enjoy the most just be shut off.

Over the next month you will see updates on how you can help, it mostly comes down to taking the 60 minutes to modify a draft letter to your needs that will show the BLM during this comment period that this is not what the PUBLIC LAND OWNERS (You and I) want for this area. Please let us group together and get the letters in and show of support to keep OUR land open.

Alternatives C and D are really not what were fighting against, the BLM has already stated they support Alternative B and now it is up to us to fight them and tell them that is not what we want.


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