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GOR News: Ride Reports for your favorite tracks & OHV areas

Ride Reports for your favorite tracks & OHV areas
Category: General

The Southeast is home to some of the best motocross tracks and OHV riding parks in the nation.  

Running and maintaining a track or OHV park is hard work, and as we've seen with Anderson Creek - lack of involvement from riders ensures increased involvement from those who believe there should be NO motorized recreation anywhere, period.   

One way to stay involved is to become an advocate for your favorite riding areas by writing a GOR Ride Report.

Owners of these MX and OHV parks greatly appreciate your positive and construtive reviews of their area. 

Adding an official GOR Ride Report is quick and easy.   Just use the Track Map or the text listings for MX and OHV on the left of the site to browse to the correct track/trail page.  Next, click Ride Reports, then Add Ride Report at the top.  It's that easy!

Do your part to help your favorite track & trail facilities and write up a Ride Report today!

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