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Brushy Mountain   
Taylorsville (Southeast NC)
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Joined: 12/03/2006
Posts: 89
Brushy Mtns. or BUST!!! (Score: 1)Posted 11/17/2007
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Track/Trail Feedback
There's a drought in the southeast now, but NC was suffering a little bit less. Some rocks, some roots, some hardpack, some dust.
Safe enough for beginners on "green trails" and any trail can take you if you're not careful. This place can be rocky.
Least Favorite
Only open on weekends. Longer stays available for extra fee. 5+ hours from Atlanta. Forget about the MX trac unless you like hardpack and flat.
Most Favorite
The people who run Brushy are totally welcoming and better than accommodating - we got there late Friday and we stayed through Monday morning. The "B" stuff is like groomers and it RIPS! Big uphill railing berms, downhill g-outs, waterbars that'll pack your spine...Enduro "loop" that was all you hope for as well as scramble-type 9-C trail.
Completely sano - better than KOA facilities.
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Joined: 10/01/2006
Posts: 3
Location: Columbia, SC
The only flat trail is the parking lot! (Score: 1)Posted 10/30/2006
Date Visited
Oct 6, 2006
Track/Trail Feedback
55 miles of technical single track - rated from easy (moderate) to difficult (very challenging). Every trail is either up or down - some are quite steep. Trail conditions were very good - a result of contstant grooming of the easier trails. You'll find hill climbs with 700' of elevation gain right out of the parking lot. My favorite sections were a steep 1/2 mile climb in 2nd gear over many water bars (jumps). Section A provides faster more open trails that were fun. There is an easier 2 mile family section that provides a good warm up for Mtn riding.
Least Favorite
The liability release requires a notary signiture by any parents not in attendance - a hassle. Brushy Mtn is in a beautiful section of NC - I wish I lived closer.
Most Favorite
Great mountain riding - challenging climbs and decents, well marked trails, and nice facilities.
Food, clean baths with showers. Very clean parking areas.
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