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Tibbs ATV Trail   
Chatsworth (Northern GA)
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Joined: 05/13/2009
Posts: 3
Tibbs - Indian Word For "Big Slick Rocks" (Score: 1)Posted 10/14/2011
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Track/Trail Feedback
The first mile and a half was very rocky and slick as it had been raining for two days. Rain always changes the difficulty level but we enjoyed the challenge. This part of the trail hasn't had any grooming in quite a while which added more obstacles like a tree across the trail, some bad ruts etc but since the connecting trails are so simple we were happy to have to work a little. After the first mile and a half it was typical Milma Branch and Windy Gap cruising. The bulldozers were in the process of grooming most all of the trails and it looks like they started at windy Gap, then Milma Branch and had made it to the bottom portion of Tibbs. The long rock garden may be much easier by now.
Least Favorite
I wish it was longer but with the connecting trails you can make a round trip of about 30-35 miles.
Most Favorite
The rocks.
The Trail Head from the top of the mountain is only a mile from Lake Conasauga campground where we camped. If you've never been there you should go and camp there. Only then will you appreciate the proximity of the trail head to the campground. There were no restrooms at the trail head but the parking lot was adequate,clean and has a loading ramp.
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Joined: 01/06/2008
Posts: 4
Location: Ellijay,GA
Little Rocky (Score: 1)Posted 02/03/2008
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Track/Trail Feedback
Trail in good condition but section going towards north parking at Conasauga Lake very rocky but enjoyable challenge. Medium skill level needed. Atv or motorbike friendly
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Most Favorite
Several miles to ride.
No bathroom. Clean parking but small.
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