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Brown Mountain ORV   
Morganton , NC
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chris kale
Joined: 02/16/2008
Posts: 4
Location: Shelby N.C.
Full body workout !! (Score: 1)Posted 07/28/2009
Date Visited
6-24-09 (latest)
Track/Trail Feedback
Trails are what you would expect from mountainous terain. They range from wide sweeping two ways, with water break jumps every 50 yards or so, to more narrow two ways near the top of the trail which have alot of rock surface to ride. The single, one way trails consist of water break jumps, which are often followed by quick turns, or rapid decents, and climbing trails. (awesome !) There are numerous trails ranging from easy to difficult, with the difficult trails basicly being long stretches of the conditions described above. There are many areas on the "black" or, "most difficult" trails that have rock climbs of 100 yards or better. Some of those can change elevation 200' or more. Almost all of the rock climbs consist of ledges, and erosion ruts that must be delt with. There are several small creeks that will be crossed, altho, none of them are very wide, or deep. There are several rock outcroppings that allow for "trials" style riding. The trails are mostly open to 2 and 4-wheelers, which means there are normally two tracks in the trail. You must chose one or the other, and they can sometimes be deep. There are normally mud puddles on most of the trails, and are generally on the backside of the water brakes. Most of the trails go thru some open forrest floor, that is relatively flat, and offer a place to rest. Carry plenty of water! This is a must do trail system if you are anywhere near the area. Your machine must be in good mechanical condition, as this is not a place you want to have a break down. Done that.. brothers bike lost a caliper bolt, and locked the front wheel. It's a long way to the parking lot from most areas.
Least Favorite
The trails can get very busy on the weekends, mainly with two way traffic on the primary trail (No.1) going up and down the mountain. The occasional 4 wheel drive vehicle, and the "fool" who thinks he is running a GNCC event is ever present. The one way trails generally do not present a problem. Dust can be a pain.
Most Favorite
Brown Mountain is a national ORV park, and is serviced by the parks services division. There are usually rangers on the premisis during the busy weekends which keep the place under control. The day pass is only $5.00. BUY IT, as the fine for not having it is $100.00. People are frindly, and seem to be helpful, if you run into the occasional mechanical need.
Bathrooms are "gravity" type, and offer little in comfort, but better than behind the ol' tree. There is an off-load ramp for machines in the pick-up bed, which is a nice feature. Paved parking, a picnic shelter, and hand pump drawn water available. Camping is close by, and the area offers some of the best white water kyacking, or tubing in N.C. (Wilson's creek)
There is also a family style camp ground about 5-6 miles from B.M. ORV that has a decent water slide, and swimming area for the anyone not riding.
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Joined: 09/26/2007
Posts: 575
Location: Tryon, NC
Best place (Score: 1)Posted 11/29/2007
Date Visited
November 11th
Track/Trail Feedback
Awesome. Trails are good. Some Enduro trail and some good wide trails for the beginner. Good for experts and beginners.
Least Favorite
It's worse when it's dry than when it's wet!
Most Favorite
Awesome trails, good people.
Restrooms, HUGE parking lot. And, it's paved.
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Road Warrior 420
Joined: 07/05/2006
Posts: 3
Jump city (Score: 1)Posted 07/05/2006
Date Visited
July 5 2006
Track/Trail Feedback
This place rules. Lots of jumps up and down the hills. 2 and 3 gear on the double track.
1 & 2 in the single track. Good for the Expert and Pro riders. Everyone else might not like it so much lots of jumps rolling if you want.
Least Favorite
Need to mark the trails better.
Most Favorite
If you want to learn how to jump in a woods area. this is the place. Only thing is a must is new nobbs on the old back tire.
Lots of parking at the top. and It's paved.
long dirt road and tight only one car at a time in some spots.
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