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Southern Raceway   
Bainbridge , GA
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Ride Reports

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Hans Davidson
Joined: 04/06/2006
Posts: 3
piece of history (Score: 1)Posted 04/25/2006
Date Visited
spring 06
Track/Trail Feedback
The upper motocross track winds up, down and around a couple hills, constantly dipping and rising like a rollercoaster. Few jumps, but they range from small rythems and ski jumps to a hundred foot stepup and 70' table, all real safe. The lower motocross track is flat and filled with jumps, mostly table tops, nothing bigger than 50'. Unlie the upper track whic is red clay, the lower one is a sand and dirt mixture. The lower track has some great high speed sweepers and is safe and easy, but challenging at the same time.
Least Favorite
Upper track can get dusty, but Ronnie Lusk is working on making the track accessible for the water truck. Other than that, I have no complaints.
Most Favorite
Southern Raceway offers a great variety of track obsticles and on top of that you get to ride on the same track that scenes from wrathchild and terrafirma were shot on. PRICELESS!!!
There is only one portapotty, but it is always clean. There are no concessions at the moment, but there is a gas station, hotel and resturaunts less than two miles away. Mr. Lusk is always helpful and has a abundance of spare parts that he will sell to riders at well, lets just say at very generous prices. On another note, Shane is recovering well, he is walking and hopes to be riding again in the future.
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Joined: 03/15/2005
Posts: 13
Appears to be closed (Score: 1)Posted 03/19/2005
Date Visited
March 19, 2005
Track/Trail Feedback
Other than a couple of mud bog races (trucks) late summer/early fall of 2004 there has been no activity at this track. Mr. Ronnie Lusk doesn't respond to inquiries about the track's operation or hours. In his defense, his son Shane (brother of Ezra Lusk) suffered a broken neck during a race last fall suffering near total paralysis. At last word Shane was in a rehabilitation unit in Atlanta with his family at his side. Should the track reopen I'll post an update.
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