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Garland Farm (Fall Line Offroad)   
Milledgeville (Middle Georgia GA)
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Joined: 07/29/2011
Posts: 6
Nice track (Score: 1)Posted 07/31/2011
Date Visited
June 4th, 2011
Track/Trail Feedback
the track is great if you prefer flat surfaces. it has a few jumps as well. the track is about 50% sandy and 50% regular dirt. there are quite a bit of trails and they can branch off into others. the trails are rutted out pretty good though.
Least Favorite
there's not much bad to say. but i could do without the sand. that's just personal preference though.
Most Favorite
Fairly flat and ok sized jumps. i'm not a big jumper so the jumps there are the perfect size for me.
there were some portapotty's there and the parking areas are part shade and part sunny. not a trashy place at all.
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motocrosser 637 4 life

Joined: 06/29/2008
Posts: 1316
Location: Cumming
Great Time (Score: 1)Posted 04/29/2009
Date Visited
March 8th 2009
Track/Trail Feedback
It was a somewht sandy based soil, which was cool, since we don't have any of that in North GA., and the jumps weren't very big, and there were only 2 or 3 jumps, plus a section of woops. I was running 2nd to 3rd in the powerband on my 125 smoker. I did not ride the trails there, so I cannot do a review on those. The only reason the facility doesn't get a 10 in my book is that there are no bathrooms, and very few jumps
Least Favorite
Very few jumps. There were no bathrooms.
Most Favorite
Wide open track, and amazing soil
The parking area was free of trash as far as I can remember. *no bathrooms* Parking area was part sun and part shade.
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