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Sand Mountain Moto Park   
Albertville (Northeast AL)
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Joined: 02/03/2009
Posts: 134
Location: ROME GA
great place!! (Score: 1)Posted 04/01/2010
Date Visited
march 27 2010
Track/Trail Feedback
track was perfect,not too dry or wet.oowner had just groomed it that morning
Least Favorite
nothing bad to say.
Most Favorite
great track for all skill levels.track attacts a good variety of riders.
owners are very nice friendly people.
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Joined: 01/03/2009
Posts: 252
Location: Chickamauga GA
Rain Day (Score: +1, Informative)Posted 01/25/2009
Date Visited
Track/Trail Feedback
When I left my house it was raining. 2 hours latter I was at the track. The track had just got about a 1/2" of rain. I thought it would be horrible. The owner had just finished preping the track and I was one of only 5 bikes there. We all went out and it was slick in quite a few sections but after an hour it was great. It was not one lined at all. You could go any where you wanted and it would be great. There was on spot on the track that had a deep mud hole but you had plenty room to go around. I am no pro and I was able to work my way up from doubles to doing two of the smaller tripples. It was great. About 5 o'clock I was the only one on the track and it was awsome. Every turn, line, and jump was like heaven. This track has a little of everything. I have been 3 times and every time it was great.
Least Favorite
They had a big step up that I was slowly working up to but at the end of the day the sun was in my face. It made it hard to see the lines.
Most Favorite
Amazing how good the track was considering how much rain we have gotten this month. The owner has great equipment. I have never heard him say I have to wait to get the tractor working or next month we are renting a dozer to reface the jumps. He seems to keep the track ready for a race. Track is safe for all levels and has the big jumps also.
The bathrooms were spotless for a mx track and they were also heated +++++. Great parking for practice. I have not been on a race day. You can see the whole track from the stands.
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Joined: 04/11/2008
Posts: 170
Location: marietta ga
Motocrossers have brown boogers (Score: 1)Posted 10/01/2008
Date Visited
sept 7, and sept 13, 2008
Track/Trail Feedback
Track was groomed for practice and in great shape. On race day it was perfect. Multiple lines in most turns.
Least Favorite
Could use a few flagmen during practice days. Track was a liitle hard to find. Race day ran a little long. Had a few delays but good overall. We like to be back on the road by 4:30 pm !
Most Favorite
The track offers everything to challenge your skill level. Sand areas, loamy areas, some hard pack. The track design is very good. It has an awesome old school flat track section with several switch backs and good elevation changes. Also offers a more supercrossy section with a real nice rythem section. Table tops, a small step up and a MONSTER STEP UP, assortment of doubles and a woop section. All pretty safe too. Come up a little short and it won't kill you! Doubles are rounded off pretty good, not real peaky. Good for all skill levels. This track will give you all you want! You will be a better rider when you leave.
Flushing toilets are always a plus. Shower available for overnighters. We camped and it was nice and quiet and mosquito free. Came from marietta Ga. Plenty of parking and trees for shade. Stands for spectators are in the shade. Good hotdogs! This place gets a 10 in my book! Keep up the good work!!!
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