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The Ridge   
Springville (East-Northeast AL)
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Ride Reports

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Joined: 11/14/2009
Posts: 114
A Needed Review (Score: 1)Posted 09/27/2015
Date Visited
Track/Trail Feedback
Nearly perfect, could use some improvement
Least Favorite
Dead end trails from storm damage. Trails not well marked. Often can end up facing head on traffic.
Most Favorite
Haven't been to the Ridge in almost 2 years and really loved the place. Had heard rumors of storm damage to some of the singletrack and found that some trails have been closed, others should be closed since they dead end to down trees with no bail-arounds. What singletrackt they have, should be labeled with an entry point. It gets very confusing on where to pick it up and often you find yourself back on the same trail, or lose the markers. The good thing is that it's not all torn up, looks like it doesn't see a lot of use.
The staff is very nice and returned my call to ensure they would be open and what to expect. My wife forgot to bring her riding pants and luckily they had a pair that would fit her. We really enjoyed it, but would like to see some better marking and direction signs.
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Joined: 12/18/2005
Posts: 13372
Location: Flowery Branch, GA
Good Single Track (Score: 1)Posted 08/07/2007
Date Visited
Feb 07
Track/Trail Feedback
There's single track for all skill levels, and enough of it to keep occupied for a day without getting bored. We maybe saw the same trail twice all day. If you like tracks they have 2 or 3 + peewee.
Least Favorite
Getting home an hour late (Central time zone)
Most Favorite
Getting to sleep in an hour (Central time zone)
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Joined: 03/03/2006
Posts: 1401
Location: LaGrange, GA
Serious Single Track (Score: 1)Posted 04/17/2007
Date Visited
Feb '07
Track/Trail Feedback
The single track was great (as always), the open stuff was icey and slick (it was cold!)
Least Favorite
There are a couple of open trails in the clear cut that can be extreemly dusty. Fortunately that's only a small percentage of the trails. Some of the single track can be overly challenging to mid-C riders and below.
Most Favorite
This if my favorite ride park. The single track is tight, shady and only dusty in the driest times in summer. The soil drains very well. If it rains Mon thru Fri, the trails will still be good on Sat! The trails connect very well, are all 1 direction, and there are lots of them!
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