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106 MX Park (aka Thundermax)     C L O S E D 
Toccoa (Northeast GA)
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This location is CLOSED, but you can still upload your old photos & write up a review.   ( Notify GOR of incorrect track status! )

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Joined: 05/03/2007
Posts: 5
Location: Bradenton, Florida
Track is CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Score: 1)Posted 05/03/2007
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When we arrived track was locked up, phones were not answered. The local Honda store said it was closed but should re-open "soon".
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Joined: 03/28/2006
Posts: 388
Location: Northeast Georgia
Do you have rhythm? (Score: 1)Posted 03/29/2006
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The 106 track is under new management and is far better off then it was when it was Thundermax. It is more of a supercross track as it has lots of jumps and rhythm sections. It's a fun track for beginners or experienced riders alike.
Least Favorite
I guess the only complaint I can think of is that the track gets hard and slick as it's hard to groom. Also, they need to set up a better watering system.
Most Favorite
The new owners are hard at it at making this track better and better and time will fix all problems, I am sure. They really want your opinion on the track and are willing to listen and maybe make changes if it's a great idea. The track flows and is fun and if you like jumps, they got'em for you. I would rate this track as a good track. No track every get's a ten in my book but they are up there.
Yes there are actual bathrooms there and every time I have been in them, everyone has been doing their part to keep them clean. No trash lying around either.
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