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1984 Yamaha TT600
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1984 Yamaha TT600

Date Added March 21, 2000

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1984 Yamaha TT600 Reviews

Joined: 08/23/2011
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Posted: Sep 9, 2011 8:33 PM   Back to Top
1984 Yamaha TT600L (Score:1)
This 595cc Single produces about 45HP at WOT.
Air Cooled 4-stroke SOHC it has a nicklecil cylinder sleeve but a cast iron sleeve can be installed which, with a properly oiled air cleaner,adds longevity to the top end. Low end power is huge, and the sound comming from the exhaust lets one know that it is no toy. With full Knobbies on the back or a duel sport tread, one will have no trouble shoveling dirt in all 5 gears. When riding this machine on the blacktop keep this in mind or you will need to have a new spare rear tire in reserve. This Big Machine has more than enough power for the weekend rider. The standard gearing produces a top end of about 80 MPH and it gets there FAST. The standard Bore & Stroke is 95.0 X 84.0mm (3.740 X 3.307 inches). It has an 8.5:1 Compression Ratio and can not be kick started without the Compression Release working properly or damage to the kick start will occur. 4 Valve SOHC Twin Exhaust and Twin Carbs (Y27PV x 1/TEIKEI)Care has to be taken to keep the Coasting Circuit Clean.
This Machine is Excellent for the back road rider. Handles very well on Gravel & Dirt Roads.
The front wheel does not have a habit of popping up unless you make it. The Controls and Layout are very good for the average size person. This machine weighs in at about 291 lbs. wet.
Suspension, Front
Front Suspension is handled by a Telescopic Coil Spring,Air & Oil damper system. Its hooked up to a 21" front Wheel.
Suspension, Rear
Rear Suspension is handled by a Swing Arm (Monocross Suspension) Gas, Coil Spring & Oil Damper. Hooked up to an 18" Rear Wheel.
Front and back brakes are plenty to stop with both being shoe type Drum Brakes.
It Is a Great Machine, certainly one of the finest bikes Yamaha ever made. If you can find one in repairable shape or one that has been kept up you will not go wrong owning and riding this one. It is a Big Thrill to climb on this Power House and tear off down the trail. Mountains of Torque and a pretty smooth ride along with good handling will make this bike hard to pry from the hands of its owner. And did I mention that it sounds like it wants to eat Any Thing that gets in its way? (Stock Exhaust)
One last thing that some will not like....This bike, this Big Bike, is Not for Kids or beginners or they are sure to get hurt. This machine breaks traction on dirt and gravel with ease and on wet pavement, well it can just plain get away from an inexperienced person and like right now! It is a Bike for Thumper Riders that have some good experience and common sense and Maturity going for them. Ride to Survive will have new meaning if a show off gets carried away on this Bike, I can Promise you that.
Rider Height / Weight / Skill
5'-09" / 210 / Intermediate
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