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1976 Yamaha YZ250
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1976 Yamaha YZ250

Date Added March 21, 2000

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1976 Yamaha YZ250 Reviews

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Aug 1, 2000

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Posted: Nov 23, 2000 11:35 AM   Back to Top
Legacy Review (Score:1)
In a word, incrediable! I remember a DIRT BIKE magazine test of the bike at the time, they described the bike as 'Bloody fast'. Like most two stroke racing bikes of the time it used a piston port engine. The usuable power band was reasonable, but it had a definate hit. I dropped a tooth on the countershaft sprocket to make the engine have to work harder in an effort to give the bike a more usable power range.
This was the first series of single shock production bikes. The rear suspension was grim if not adjusted for you, but if it was properly set up it would make a hero out of you. Swingarm design was pitiful in general at the time, but the monoshock YZ's swingarm was fairly beefy and due to the design and placment of the shock, it was triangulated. This stiffened up the the rear section of the motorcycle and helped the handling tremendously. The front forks were grim at best. This was the year of the funky two stage air fork system. It could be made to work, but you had to use nitrogen in the forks to do so. Most of us didn't have access to nitrogen and used compressed air instead. I struggled with the things for a while, then cut the canisters off and just used a single stage air set up. I finally ended up with a set of Maico forks and triple clamps on the bike ala Ake Johnson on the euro Yamaha team. This set up worked very well.
The standard of the industry at the time. A lot of go fast guys at the time would use YZ brakes on other brands of bikes because they were so good. The front brake was especially good, and had a 'feel' to it that even modern disc brake bikes don't have. Very progressive and linear.
This was a fun bike to ride once you got it set up. It was a powerful bike as well. I remember doing a couple of practice starts on the line one time and had another rider ask me if it was a 400! I really liked this bike despite it's quirks.
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