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1987 Yamaha YZ490
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1987 Yamaha YZ490

Date Added March 21, 2000

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1987 Yamaha YZ490 Reviews

Joined: 06/01/2006
Posts: 55
Location: Going Sideways somewhere in California

Posted: Jun 1, 2006 9:32 PM   Back to Top
The beast within (Score:1)
Stock it has more power then you could need, low end is great esp. uphill feals like a 4 stroke. lots of mid range and top end.

I got board, my YZ490 wasnt fast enough for my liking so i decited to go all out. I ported my YZ490 to match the port timing of the hottest RC engine we could find, knifed the transfer ports polished the exahst port and added a custom made cylender head with higher compretion and a vortex pattern, my buddy and i made kinda as a "what if" project. On top of that we added a DG pipe and silencer and a set of power reeds. This bike is ALL POWERFULL, it went from the uncontrollable hard charging ill tempered YZ490 to a refined well mannered MONSTER. The power went from hard to use, to right their in the palm of your hand. Has more power that you would ever need. Blew off my buddies Built KX500. Excelent smooth power EVERYWHERE, and did i mention way too much of it everywhere. Great woods bike, pulls like a tractor smoothly all the way into over rev at 90mph plus up a fire road. If you have the meens get one. Will climb the wall in 5th gear wide open if you can find room enough to not smack something.
Feels like sitting on an old friend. well set up and easy to ride. Good idea to get gripperized seat.
Suspension, Front
Loveable, Nice and compliant. 44mm KYB,s baby. Very adjustable, they work like a dream off road, soak up all the nasties but dont go soft on the big hits. Also dont do wierd things at different speeds. Click the forks up a bit stiffer and she will handle moto and love you for it. Also takes to the skies with no problems.
Suspension, Rear
Highly adjustable, i blew the stock shock going a bit too big *dont ask* so i put a rebuilt 88 YZ490 shock on it. Holds a solid line at any speed. Picke up the small stuff and the big nasties without prejadice. Loves charging down the field at insane speeds, but makes itself equally at home darting up a goat trail in first. Good all around setup.
Rear is compliant and strong. Like any good yamaha it is almost a little too easy to lock up the brakes, this is a good thing. Right now mine has a DT 250 drum on it for AHRMA racing, but the stock disk does a great job at bringing the big monster in from insane speeds,
Ive heard a lot of bad things about the YZ490. Why i dont know, mine have all done me very well. I wouldnt trade mine for anything. In stock trim can be kinda mellow, bike has a lot of potential if set up correctly. Needs the compretion raised to get real power out of the beast. If anyone wants help getting theirs going good just e mail me.
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Posted: Apr 30, 2003 1:13 AM   Back to Top
good strong power throughout the operating range. Smooth delivery with no surprises - very rideable. Strong bottom end will chug up big hills like a four stroke. Doesn't rev as high as you expect from a two stroke. Air cooling allows for simple top end access.
forks seem ok but rear suspension is harsh over the small stuff and bottoms easily over the big stuff.
front brake has good stopping power and good feel to it. rear drum locks easily. not much feel to what its about to do
not a bad bike, but not a great one either. pretty good woods bike because of the smooth power delivery. doesn't usually raise the front wheel unless you want it to. good "beginner" two stroke 500, if there is such a thing. can often be found fairly cheap. very tough to kick over. bike has a lot of vibration that can be reduced by drilling the motor mount holes slightly larger with a 3/8" drill and installing 3/8" standard bolts. When you take the old bolts out you'll see why.
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Legacy Account

Reviews: 1

Apr 26, 2001

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Posted: Apr 26, 2001 7:57 PM   Back to Top
Legacy Review (Score:1)
it has alot of power and speed
good shocks but a little soft but ok
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