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1984 Yamaha IT490
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1984 Yamaha IT490

Date Added March 21, 2000

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1984 Yamaha IT490 Reviews

Joined: 06/01/2006
Posts: 55
Location: Going Sideways somewhere in California

Posted: Mar 27, 2009 1:07 AM   Back to Top
Blue Rocket (Score:1)
A lot. From cracking the throttle in first to running down the freeway at 100mph she pulls real hard. Slightly passive power delivery make this thing a wonderfull trail bike. I keep mine geared rather high for higher speed use, but the motor pulls itself around happily in the first three blasting cow trails and such. ANd she will run out around 110mph top speed. And thats movin
Another yamaha IT. Stiff suspention. We need to talk about that seat foam buddie,

OK here is the story. I like the fact that my IT490 is street legal, but i decited it didnt have enough power for my taists. I ran the original cases and crankshaft, and gearbox, everything else got modified. I went with a clutch out of an 86 YZ490 motocrosser for the better cooling , from their i mounted a very ratical 6 port cylender and head off of an 82 YZ490. I added a DG pipe and silencer *hehe yea thats leagal in California.....hehehe right* for the powerband i was looking for and remapped the ignition out of a 93 WR500 to run a little less advanced. The WR flywheel is a bit heavier and gives the bike a more smooth power delivery and less vibration at speed. On top of that a rebuilt revalved shock complete with white power spring and new gold valves in the forks and i think i got 4 cycle enduros pretty well beat.
Suspension, Front
After a few adjustments to fit my standards they will do for how old they are and what they are. Good fork angle for enduro riding, well mannered.
Suspension, Rear
Boing....boing.........WHAP. OK shock problems. Blew the seals out on a BIG landing. After discovering that parts are rather rare and hard to come up with ive decited not to jump this bike anymore. Keep it planted and it sticks well for an old timer
Fair, not the bast but fair. Ummmmm right................
Hehehe from Bar Hoppin to Goat trailin this is one good bike. Go Get One, no Go Get TWO.
Rider Height / Weight / Skill
5'11" / 180lbs / Intermediate
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Legacy Account

Reviews: 1

Jan 26, 2002

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Posted: Oct 11, 2002 7:37 AM   Back to Top
Legacy Review (Score:1)
The bike has the kind of hit off the bottom you would think a 2 stroke 490 would have-SCARY. Since it is an enduro its a bit tamer than if it were a pure motocross 490 double banger, and thats a good thing. As it is you worry about grabbing a little too much throttle in 1st gear.Of course after you safely get on your way the power will get you up on the competition with it spread through 6 gears. Knarly off the bottom,controllable through the mid and top.
Soft, made to soak up the roots and rocks. Dont fly it too high, but thats never a good idea with a 250 pound trail bike.
Better than I thought of a bike built pre disc era. You will need every bit of it too.
If youre like me and swore you never own a bike older than 5 yrs but the deal was too good, maybe it should at least be Japanese and hardly ever ridden.And if it is a Yamaha you can always find parts at Speed & Sport in Bloomsburg PA.
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