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1980 Kawasaki KX125
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1980 Kawasaki KX125

Date Added March 21, 2000

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1980 Kawasaki KX125 Reviews

Joined: 05/01/2011
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Posted: May 2, 2011 3:59 AM   Back to Top
Legacy review (Score:1)
I will review this bike based on its performance when new (1980). I have only riden the '79 model KX briefly. But, I remember it being faster.
I was racing 80cc bikes when my parents bought this bike for my friend and I to ride in a marathon race. Keep in mind my experience on this bike is coming from a kid riding an adult size bike. Although I did spend a considerable amount of time riding it. I remember the layout being the strong point of this KX. Even for my small size at the time, I felt comfortable on the bike.
Suspension, Front
Suspension, Rear
Continuation on the suspension. Good for the time but, not as good as other 125s.
Good. But, then it is easy to stop a light rider.
I wish I had been bigger at the time. I could then offer more info on the bikes original performance. I now collect and restore MX bikes. One thing I've learned is that time really effects the performance of these bikes (especially the suspension).
Rider Height / Weight / Skill
/ / Expert
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Reviews: 1

Location: Maryland

Feb 21, 2003

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Posted: Feb 21, 2003 6:52 PM   Back to Top
Legacy Review (Score:1)
i would say that the power is about the same as the 79. i dont know what EVOYZDRZ is talking about when he says theres usable bottom and no top. In fact i would say the bottom was crap. the bike really comes alive from mid to top. the first time i rode this bike the power snuck up on me so much that i almost flew of the back when the front wheel came up.
what can you say. it was the first year of unitack. not to good. very stiff for me. EVOYZDRZ is right thou, its a pain in the but to adjust the back because you need to take the entire shock out.
very good for drums. the only proble is that the lever on the front drum is to flexable and absorbed alot tof the leverage.
I bought this bike for $100. the problem was that it have a bad crank bearing. I thought "oh great where am i gunna find a bearing for a 1980 kx125??" Well wouldn't you know i got one off ebay for $12. then i got the crack rebuilt for $33.75. what a deal. iv had this bike for 2 years now with no problem. i dont have 30 bike to compare it to like EVOYZDRZ does but i do have 4. good bike for the age. to be honest im not sure if its and 80 or 81 but i thought it would be better here.
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Reviews: 3

Location: OREGON

Feb 9, 2003

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Posted: Feb 9, 2003 11:33 PM   Back to Top
Legacy Review (Score:1)
This KX was down on power compared to every other 125. Also down on power from previous year KX. Low end was useable which made it decent for trail riding but it didn't pick up revs very fast and had no top end to speak of.
First year for the uni-trak and it was decent. Required entire shock removal for damping adjustment. Forks were very harsh, using lightweight (5-10wt.)oil with no air helped but there was very little progression to them.
Front brake was very good, rear was mushy, average at best.
I thought this was a great looking bike when I bought it-in this case,beauty was definitely skin deep. If you are looking for a 125 from this era, the YZ and RM were excellent(I owned both and the YZ was my favorite.
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